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Struggling to find the suitable hosting platform? cPanel hosting is one of the most popular solutions for managing a web hosting space. Carefully selected features and constant updates make hosting with cPanel the preference of many developers. Bijex also offers Linux hosting with cPanel, which is customized to be as convenient and easy-to-use as possible. We've also included a few in-house and third-party tools to make your ride even smoother. Take a look at our amazing cPanel hosting plans!

Guaranteed email!
guaranteed email delivery of valid, non spam, and non bulk emails through the shared hosting service with the addition of compromised email detection and spam blocking. A compromised email account will be automatically detected preventing problems such as IP blacklisting.

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GDPR & ePrivacy Compliance

White Label Solution for GDPR, CCPA and international privacy laws. Secure Privacy offers a complete white label solution for GDPR, CCPA & ePrivacy with EU cookie banners, privacy policy generator and automated monthly scanning for your websites.

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SEO Reseller Program

MIf you want to get up and running quickly, we have a variety of SEO packages that you can easily resell to your clients. Our extensive product offerings can cater to any type of client. We offer everything from local seo, local citation building, affordable link building services, reputation management, blog content, content marketing, guest post outreach, and more.

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Crypto trading platform

Full white label cryptocurrency trading platform including, Website, trading platform, Technical support, CRM, Backed, Payment solution & integration and liquidity that's the easiest way to launch your cryptocurrency online trading broker.

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Email Campaign Management Services

Email marketing strategy and tips for successful campaigns.Connect your landing pages with the best marketing tools in the market. Amplify the impact that your Landing Page can have on your prospects by creating powerful campaigns in minutes. Find below your favorite email marketing tool, CRM, Analytics tools, eCommerce and more!

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Instagram auto script

Instagram management tools makes it easy to bring large, multi-disciplinary social teams together across content creation and distribution, customer care and measurement initiatives.

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White label Business

In today's saturated ad market and high competition, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. The launch of the product will require a lot of efforts and time, even if you’ve progressed far past planning stage. It will take even more time to build your brand recognition and grow a loyal customer base, that’s why marketers invented white label.

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Free Website, Email template & Landing page Builder

Recent Update

What is GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the most significant change in data protect for decades. The regulation requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens. It introduces tougher fines for non-compliance and breaches, and gives people more say over what companies can do with their data. Any company that does businesses in Europe need to comply with GDPR.

What is CCPA?

CCPA stands for California Consumers Protection Act 2018. It is the most recent personal data protection law passed by the State of California as a response to the increased role of personal data in contemporary business practices and the personal privacy implications surrounding the collection, use, and protection of personal information.

WHAT businesses need White Label Solutions?

White Label solution works best for: marketers who wish to save minimize production costs; agencies that want to win the market as soon as possible; advertisers who do not have available time for research and development; businesses that focus primarily on brand building and innovative ways to use the existing technology; or if production requires a special registration or licensing.